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Wider Curriculum

Learning at Hanbury Primary is all about providing knowledge, skills and experiences in an exciting and interesting way across a wider variety of subjects.

We aim to teach children how to grow into positive, responsible people, who can work and co-operate with others while developing knowledge and skills, so that they achieve their true potential.


To find out more about our curriculum, click on the icons below to explore the knowledge and skills our pupils will be taught during our Wider Curriculum lessons.    The children are immersed in these topics, where learning links to maths and English.

What's happening Spring 2022?


Year 1Year 2Year 3

In the Spring Term we will be working through two topics;  concluding our work on 'The Great Fire of London' and our next topic 'Sun, Sea and Sand'. Our topic 'The Great Fire of London' is history focused, exploring how the buildings have changed over time, fire fighting equipment and transport past and present. We will also be developing our skills and understanding in D&T by designing, creating and evaluating our own houses that we will then burn to recreate 'The Great Fire of London'.

Our second topic 'Sun, Sea and Sand' will have a Geography focus.  We will be developing our geographical vocabulary, including  learning the names for the physical and man-made features of the seaside; we will be compare and contrast these features. In addition we will be practising some of our art skills such as mark-making and creating seas-side patterns, exploring a variety of tools to create our masterpieces and exploring sea-side themed pieces of artwork from famous artists then discussing our preferences on their work.

In the Spring term, it’s time to get creative in Year 2 with our “Art Attack!” and “Moving Pictures” topics. We kick off with Art Attack and children will be learning about different ways they can express themselves, to help them do this learn about significant artists from history and look how their styles and techniques convey their ideas. We will also be looking at sculptures and will use our inference skills developed in reading lessons to help us try to find the meaning behind different works of art.  

In the Moving Pictures topic we pair, our art skills with D&T to help us bring images to life. We learn about using simple mechanisms such as levers and sliders to get those pictures moving. Again, we link this to our reading work by using traditional tales and fairy stories as motivation for our moving marvels.  ​

This Spring, Year 3 are going travelling! We’re starting off the term in Ancient Egypt and ending the term in France! In our Ancient Egypt topic, we will be looking at how Ancient Egyptians lived; we will discover who the pharaohs were and why the pyramids were built; we will also find out about the process of mummification and why it was carried out. Our second topic for the spring term is one where we compare life in France with life in the United Kingdom, focussing on the physical geography of each country and how this has affected how people live and work. To coincide with our France Vs UK topic, we will be starting to learn to speak French too!
Year 4Year 5Year 6

In spring term, we continue moving through the periods of ancient history by studying the ancient Romans. We also study our first Geography topic of the year – Rivers and physical features of the U.K.  In our history topic, we develop the skills of describing, explaining and comparing through discussion and written tasks. We learn about the growth of the empire, describing life in Britain before and after the Roman invasion as well as exploring the influence of key historical figures such as Boudicca and Roman emperor - Septimius Severus.
In Geography, we develop map-using skills by identifying cities, rivers, mountains and coasts of U.K. We then dive into rivers – with a study of the features of a river and the processes of erosion and deposition. Both topics link with reading and writing as we use historical fiction and picture books to inspire and develop our imagination and vocabulary.

In the Spring Term, Year 5 are looking at World Geography, where we will learn all about time zones, geographical features of the world and a series of mountain ranges. We will also learn how to read maps and use compasses.


During Spring 2, Year 5 will be focussing on Art and DT. Throughout the term, we will use line, tone and shading to create a three dimensional mountain, as well as studying the work of Henry Rousseau. It is time to get creative this term and we look forward to the inspirational work the children will create.​


In the Spring Term, we shall be going back in time to learn all about some of the most famous monarchs in British history, The Tudors.  We shall be looking in depth about how the Tudors came to reign over the United Kingdom and learn all about Henry VIII and the fates of his six wives.  


This will be linked to our English work, where we shall be studying the book Treason by Berlie Doherty.  We shall be making some Tudor food during Design and Technology lessons and compare housing to other periods in history.  ​



Our Curriculum

Please see the "Year Groups" pages for more detailed information about what your child is learning.