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Music At Home/Useful Websites

Useful Websites for Music

SIPs Music and Arts Youtube channel

Home activity ideas

  1. Create homemade instruments with household items

Creating instruments together can be a fun activity and the instruments can then be used to explore different aspects of music. Try creating shakers by using pasta and rice in empty bottles or containers. You could also try using bottles either filled with water or empty them with spoons or twigs to make sounds, or you could just use upturned pans and colanders. You could create a musical performance using your homemade instrument. Look at ‘Stomp’ for inspiration.

  1. Learn to sing your favourite song


Find a karaoke version of your favourite songs on Youtube, learn to sing it and perform it at a karaoke party with your family.

  1. Make your own simple guitar

You can create a string-type instrument using tissue boxes, shoe boxes without the lids or fruit punnets. Use the box for the base of the instrument and take four to six rubber bands or pieces of string. Wrap the rubber bands or string around the base, the long way, and make sure there is space between the rubber bands. Experiment with ways of making sounds with the bands. Also you could try using small pieces of sandpaper wound round a finger of each hand to rub together and create sounds.

  1. Recreate the sounds you hear in daily life

When you go outside for a walk, a journey in the car or when sitting in the garden, stop and listen to the sounds that are around you. Think about:

  • What you can hear and what is making those sounds. Are they sounds that you expected to hear?
  • If you have access to a device, record the sounds you hear that are interesting such as birds, the wind, water, other animals or vehicles.
  • Think about how those sounds could be recreated at home.
  • You could make a piece of music together that represents the different types of sounds that you hear on the different journeys that you make.
  1. Represent music through art

Listen to your favourite song or piece of music. Draw along as you listen; you could use pencil, crayons, felt tip pens or paint to do this. How does the music make you feel? Let your hands ‘dance’ along with the music and watch how different songs are represented through visual art.