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Staff List

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Strategic Leadership Team

Head Teacher: Ms Cooper

Deputy Head Teacher: Miss Lawrence

Assistant Head Teachers: Mr Bolton, Mrs Barnbrook, Mrs Slim & Mrs Wood



Nursery Teacher: Miss Plevey

Nursery Support Staff: Mrs Farrington and Miss Kaur



Assistant Head Teacher for Foundation Stage/Phonics Lead and Reception Class Teacher: Mrs R. Wood

Reception Class Teacher: Mrs S. White

Reception Support Staff:  Mrs Tennant (HLTA), Mrs Lawley, Mrs Powell, Mrs Booton and Mrs Tarr (p.m.)


Year One

Assistant Head Teacher for KS1/Reading Lead and Year One Teacher: Mrs Slim

Year One Teacher: Miss M. Jones

Year One Support Staff: Mrs Tagger, Mrs Payton and Miss S. Lloyd (p.m.)


Year Two 

Year Two Teacher and Lead for the Child with Knowledge and Understanding: Mr Patton

Year Two Teacher and Lead for the Physical and Healthy Child:  Miss Markham

Year Two Trainee Teacher - Miss Walters

Year Two Support Staff: Miss Warner (HLTA),  Mrs E. Lloyd and Miss Brewin


Year Three

Assistant Head Teacher for LKS2/Writing Lead and Year Three Teacher: Mrs Barnbrook

Year Three Teachers: Ms Callaghan and Mrs George (Thursday/Friday)

Year Three Support Staff: Mrs Griffiths (HLTA), Miss Soanes, Miss Samra and Miss Duggall


Year Four

Year Four Teacher and Lead for the Creative Child: Mrs Heslop

Year Four Teachers: Mrs Pendleton and Mrs George (Monday)

Year Four Support Staff:  Ms R. Jones, Miss Mall, Miss Holt and Mrs T. Jones


Year Five

Year Five Teachers: Mr Shaw and Mr. Procter

Year Five Support Staff: Mrs Lacey (HLTA) and Ms Rashid 


Year Six

Assistant Head Teacher for UKS2/Maths Lead and Year Six Class Teacher: Mr Bolton

Year Six Teacher and Boys' Writing Lead: Miss Bulow

Year Six Teacher and Computing Lead: Mr Hare

Year Six Support Staff: Mrs White, Miss Stott, Miss Cottam and Miss Connolly 




Miss Lloyd and Mrs Tarr (A.M.)


Admin Team

Business Manager: Mrs Lambert

School Administration Assistant: Mrs James 

School Administration Assistant: Mrs Wright 

School Administration Assistant: Mrs Pedley


Site Team

Site Manager: Mr Miller



Miss Wilcox

Miss Abraham

Mrs Ellis

Mrs Thebe