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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governors' section.

Click on the link to find out more information about our Governing Body, including details about the different committees.

Here is the attendance at Governing Body meetings.

Governors Responsibilities 

Chair                            -   Mrs N.J. Khatun   

Vice Chair                    -   Mrs S. Bi                    

Clerk                             -   Miss K. Round  

Safeguarding                 -  Mrs N.J. Khatun  Mrs K. Whiting                                                          

Safer Recruitment          -  Ms D. Cooper, Mrs N.J. Khatun,

                                          Mrs K. Whiting   

Health and Safety           -  Miss C.Law      

Target Setting                 -  Mrs N.J. Khatun                             

Special Needs                -  Miss J. Hickinbottom 

Pupil Premium                -  Mrs N.J. Khatun     

Lower Key Stage 2         -  Miss J. Hickinbottom  

Upper Key Stage 2         -  Mrs N.J. Khatun                      

Community Cohesion     -  Mr A. Rahman     

Attendance Governor      -  Mr A. Rahman      

Reading & Phonics         -  Mrs S. Begum

Writing                            -  Miss J. Hickinbottom

Maths                               -  Mrs K. Whiting 

Wider Curriculum             -  Mrs S. Begum